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Amy Diaz in "Soccer"
So, you're probably wondering if I play as good as I look? Who cares! When you look this hot, I don't think anyone worries about how good you play...speaking of hot, I think I'll strip down and cool off.
Amy Diaz in "Our Cornfield"
Daddy would never let me pick corn out like this...but daddy ain't here now is he. The thought of giving a blow job in these empty fields gets me all hot.
Alexis Micino in "Itz Fun 2 B Slutty"
Damn I love playing with my cute lil' pussy. This cute lil' pussy needs to practice safe sex, even with my toy! LOL. MMMmmm...my pussy tastes sweet.
Alexis Micino in "Shaving"
I feel sooo dirty...wanna' help me get wet? I meant taking a bath! I love that smooth feeling of a freshly shaved pussy. Look how cute it looks!
Lil Madison in "Camp Kitchen"
It was my turn to cook for the Camp Cuties, but when I was just about to start the meal, I had a tingling sensation on my clit. I had to take care of it, so I got on the counter and had my fun. It was very hot!
Lil Madison in "Old Camp Truck"
Did I tell ya'll how much I love these boots? I went out to the stables today to take a ride on my horse. I really felt like riding something, but the horse was the only one there. That didn't last very long, so I went out to my daddy's old truck and got a lil' dirty.
Chelsey Smiles in "Slumber Land"
I just got back from a light jog and I'm ready for a nap. But before I nap, I gotta' take care of a few urges hehe. Now don't have any wondering eyes, I'm shy.
Chelsey Smiles in "Camp Office"
I'm a little nervous 'cause I had to meet up with the camp counselor today. I wonder what they're going to make me do today...hmmmm. Take a look and find out.
Lil Zoe in "Laundry Day"
It's laundry day and I'm so excited to get some clean undies on, hehe, I wonder why. My new dildo came in today, and I had to try it out. I came so many times, and when I went to put my undies back on, they got all wet, LOL.
Lil Zoe in "Tennis"
No one ever wants to play tennis with me. :( But everyone wants to see what I do after I hit a couple of balls to keep my body in shape, LOL.
Chelsey Smiles in "Cleaning The Bathtub"
I hate the taking a shower in a dirty tub, yucky! I just like to get dirty inside of it, and clean myself after of course. Guess what? I have a few friends with me, ducky #1, ducky #2, and ducky #3, and they were so cute!
Chelsey Smiles in "Furry Carpet"
I love how fur rugs feel all over my body. It feels so good on your skin that you just wanna' lay there and think of naughty things to get yourself off to. I would tell you what I was thinking about, but Southern gals don't share their secrets.
Chelsey Smiles in "Corn Field"
Hey ya'!! My names Chelsey Smiles. Today I went over to the cornfields by the camp looking for something adventurous to do. So I found a nice spot and stripped away my clothes and played with myself for a while, but shhhHH, I don't reckon that ever happened because that place is off limits.
Lil Madison in "Desert Cowgirl"
Lately I been working on my tummy, and it's really starting to show. I'm so excited, LOL. It was a lil' hot out, so I got my out my cowgirl outfit and headed outside. Well, needless to say, my outfit didn't stay on very long.
Lil Madison in "Naughty Party Girl"
It's time to go out and PARTAY! I'm wearing my favorite colors today and I'm really hot! So hot, I just need to take it off and play with myself for a while.
Lil Madison in "Vineyard Sweetie"
I just got this cute dress and decided to wear it for the first time. It was a lil' short and tight, but it was hot out, so I dressed for the part. There were trees everywhere, I got lost a couple of times, but the camera found me doing some naughty thangs for ya'll ta' see.
Lil Zoe in "At The Lake"
Whoooooa, today I got a lil' dirty. I was out by the lake and rubbed mud all over my body! Why? I have no idea, hehe, I just wanted to feel how the wet mud felt all over my body, and it felt really good!
Lil Zoe in "In The Woods"
I had a lot of fun playin' in the woods today, and undressing in front of the camera for ya'll to look at me, hehe. I need to go back to that spot and do some rock climbing to keep my body lookin slim and slender, but I need someone to come with me. :)
Lil Zoe in "Hay Bale"
Yeeehawww! LOL, somebody's had a lot of candy today, and somebody's gonna' pay for it! Whoa, I'm really hyper today, and this cowgirl needs a bull. I wanna go for a ride!
Kylee Karr in "Valentines Surprise"
I'm not gonna' mention any names, but I will tell ya'll this. One of the members of Camp Cutie sent me a Valentine's Day surprise. A box for chocolates filled with some of my favorite chocolates and a bad ass teddy I sleep with every night! I named him Fluffer, haha!
Kylee Karr in "I Love This Toy"
It's true, I really love this toy, I just don't know what to name it. Do you have any ideas? I'm thinking about something brutal and hardcore soundin' though, so when I'm about to climax, I can scream it out, yeah!
Kylee Karr in "Bath Time"
What's up ya'll? I'm feeling really dirty and I need a bath, haha. I'm just getting ready for this local metal show with some of my favorite bands playing. It's going to be so cool. I just need to shower and shave my legs for they can look silky smooth for the boys at the show. See you there hopefully.
Amy Diaz in "Cowgirl"
Yee' Haw! Today was freakin' awesome because I looked hot. I had these guns, but they didn't have any bullets in them, and I hate when guns shoot blanks. Where is my cowboy?
Amy Diaz in "Window Sills"
Feeling a lil' horny today, and did I mention my windows are open too! So why don't you come in so we can have some fun, but I can't promise you anything. How about you look and touch me, because I know you want to.
Amy Diaz in "Popsicle"
I scream, you scream, you all scream for me, hehe ;). I never knew how much I loved ice cream before today, although I did get a lil' dirty!! But there's nothing wrong with getting a lil' dirty, right?
Alexis Micino in "Naughty Girl"
I was feeling a lil' naughty today (everyday actually, LOL). I had this old Naughty University 69 see-through shirt hanging in my closet, so I got the camera and took some photos for you boyz.
Alexis Micino in "Punk Angel"
Wow, today's shoot was sooo awesome. I got to dress up as this punk angel, and I felt like a bad ass! We had a busy day, it took forever to get to the place, but it was worth it because the pix were hot!
Alexis Micino in "Sex Kitten"
It was so hot today! I had to dress up as a lil' kitten, and the hot California sun was beating down on me. At least I had a cute outfit on, but that didn't last very long. LOL.
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