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Lil Zoe in "Monkey Pajamas"
So tired!! I'm here in my lil' monkey pajamas relaxing on the couch. Nothin' is on the telly so I gotta' keep myself and yourself a lil' entertained. How can I do that? Hmmm, you'll see.
Lil Zoe in "Bean Bag"
I can lay in this bean bag all day. It's so freakin' comfy. I gotta get ready though, Camp meeting in a half hour!! Yikes, I hope I have time to do, ummm, you'll see.
Kristina in "Neon Green"
I just got home from a rave party and it was fun! I glow in the dark, haha. Ya'll can't wait for tomorrow's party either, I reckon that's gonna' be fun too. Do I look hot?
Lil Madison in "I Get Naked"
I get nekkid. LOL for no reason, I just felt like being bad today. And I still been trying to get my tummy more toned, I think it's looking hot! Check me out boyz.
Lil Madison in "Army Brat"
Wow, today was freakin' bad ass. I got to dress up as an Army Brat, and did I look hot. I got my own dog tags, mini camouflage skirt, and soldier boots. Where is my soldier boy?
Kristina in "Pirate"
I'mma pirate, AARRGGHH. LOL, I just got invited to this dress up party and it's gonna' be chill. I just need someone to walk the plank with me. Gimmie a ship mate. LOL
Presley Nix in "Teeny Weeny Bikini"
I'm ready for the beach! Today is hot and I wanna' go to the beach, but I need a ride. I have gas money, LOL. We'll if ya'll aren't gonna' take me, I might as well take my bikini off.
Presley Nix in "Pink And Fluffy"
I'm pink and fluffy...and a hustler. I love playing dress up, or should I say dress down ;). I'm shy remember, don't stare too HARD!
Presley Nix in "Angel"
I look sooOO heavenly, LOL. This is the "good" angel outfit, but when I take it off, I feel so "bad". But don't tell anyone I said that.
Presley Nix in "Snow White Fantasy"
Today I get to play as my Snow White in the Camp Cutie play! It's so excited, and I worked really hard to get this part. You guyz should come watch me.
Presley Nix in "Punky Presley"
Hey ya'll. I'm Punky Presley, LOL. Hold on to your horses because with knee high boots like these, I'll scold some ass! Naw, but these boots were amazing.
Lil Zoe in "Silvery"
Today was very shiny to say the least. I felt like i was in a huuuuuge candy wrapper, and I love candy! hehe. Did I mention it was really cold in there...Can you notice?
Lil Zoe in "Popcicle"
Anything with sugar to get my crazy...gimmie some! Especially a nice hard, stiff, popsicle, hehe. What, what were you guyz thinking?
Lil Zoe in "Lingerie"
Who's secret? Lil' Zoe's secret. Today I bought some new lingerie (pink and black), and had to try them on for you guyz at home.
Carma Cain in "80s Elevator"
80's Elevator. Hmmm, things can get a lil' naughty in here. I'm just out with the girls and I lost my way :(. I reached the elevator, but it got stuck! What am I ta' do?
Carma Cain in "Lets Go To The Movies"
Let's go to the movies! There is this cute flick in the theaters right now, and I wanna' go! I'll bring the popcorn ;)
Lisa Love in "Top o the World"
I'm on top o' the world ya'll! I know the glasses are big, but they're hot. I shaved my pussy the night before just for this photoset, haha, it was fun.
Chelsey Smiles in "Goth Ballerina"
I remember when I was a lil' girl with many dreams...and one of them was to be a ballerina. Then I thought I'd about it, and it's time to make my dream come true! But there is a twist...I'mma naughty one, hehe.
Carma Cain in "Referee"
Flag! Penalty on #69 on the pink team, LOL. Today it looks like imma' have to get the bad referee that makes all the wrong calls, but makes all the right moves.
Chelsey Smiles in "Black And White"
So, who is gonna' come out with us and the girls tonight? We're gonna' play dress up and have slumber parTAY, woohooooO!
Lisa Love in "Go Skulls Go"
Go Skulls Go! I'mma punky cheerleader ya'll. Whoa, was it fun playing dress up, and spreading my lips for the camera :).
Carma Cain in "Tanning"
It's been a great while since I been to the tanning salon. Did I tell ya'll boyz that I tan in the buff? If someone was there with me, they could have rubbed the oils on for me, but I took care of that ya'll.
Chelsey Smiles in "Polka Dots"
I'm seein' polka dots! Yikes!! I think I need to lie down and relax for a good minute...or two. Now I gotta' disrobe, LOL.
Lisa Love in "Fur Coat"
Hello, who's there? Wrong number? Lata', LOL. Whoa, that was weird! Ok, now I'll take off my clothes, hahaha.
Lil Madison in "Pink, Yellow and Perky"
I love what I'm wearin' today! Hot pink, and I look hot in it! WoOOOhooOoo babay! How hot will I look with it off?
Lil Madison in "Poison Apple"
Does ya'll wanna' play dress up with me? I gotta' poison apple for ya'll to eat, hehe. What, you thought Snow White was a nice girl? We'll I'mma bad one.
Chelsey Smiles in "Denim and Roses"
That's right, I'm delicate like a flower. So, who is going to send me some roses? I love flowers!!
Lil Madison in "Dressing Room"
I was stuck in an elevator today, what a wreck! But know I'm in my room relieving all the stress build-up. Do ya'll wanna' come in and join me? hehe.
Chelsey Smiles in "Lime Green"
Two words, SLUMBER PARTAY!! I bought some cute pj's for the sleep over with the girls. It's gonna' be so fun to talk about the hot boys around camp and playing naughty games :).
Lil Madison in "My Pink Heaven"
Hot pink background, YAYEe! I'm in my own peaceful pink heaven. I thought I was bad though, what am I doing in heaven? hehe.
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