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Kylee Karr
stars in
"Kylee And Carma Campin' Out"

Campin' is so much fun, shoot! I took Carma out for a lil' and you can say things got a lil' out of hand, haha. And boy, did I lick the shit out of her pussy!

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Alexis Micino in "Alexis Fan Mail"
It's so much fun around here ya'll. What kind of naughty things do ya'll have to say? Well I sure do have some naughty things for ya'll to see.
Lisa Love in "Lisa Love Strips"
I'm a wild gal, haven't ya'll heard? Just giving ya'll what ya' want, a hot Lisa Love strip tease baby!
Lil Zoe in "Lil' Zoe and Brittany - Strip Candyland"
Candyland is a fun game, don't ya'll think? Well, just the word candy is fun, hehe. Brittany is so cute, and is so fun to play with too :) To think of it, she tastes like candy too, if ya'll know what I mean.
Lisa Love in "Lisa Love on the Sybian"
Hey, what's up? It's been a while since we had some fun, LOL. I guess ya'll can say I get a lil' wild. LISA LOVE baby. What do we have here? OMG is that Sybian, haha.
Lil Zoe in "Lil' Zoe on Sybian and Texxx"
So, what's everyone been talkin' about ya'll? I hear it's about my tiny pink pussy, hehe. Well, Sybian was great, Texxx was big, LOL. And his cock, well yeah, didn't like that too much :)
Kylee Karr in "Kylee And Natalia"
So, we all went dancing and I picked up this cutie named Natalia, shoot. She has some nice plump lips too y'all. So I brought her home with me and ya'll can say we had a real good time.
Kylee Karr in "Kylee Karr And Rockit Red"
Ain't I a lucky girl, Rockit Red got me a sweet Valentine's Day present, haha, mine was way better, shoot. Can ya'll guess what I got him, LOL.
Kylee Karr in "Kylee And Carma Campin' Out"
Campin' is so much fun, shoot! I took Carma out for a lil' and you can say things got a lil' out of hand, haha. And boy, did I lick the shit out of her pussy!
Adrianna in "Adrianna Tease"
Ya'll think I'mma tease don't ya. We'll what boy doesn't like to be teased a lil', hehe.
Adrianna in "Adrianna Rides"
Oh my god, LOL. This is a lil' different, but it feels soOo good. It was kinda' scary, but LOL, yeah! I'mma take it home with me.
Alexis Micino in "Alexis And Adrianna"
Adrianna and I are just talking about what happened last weekend, and boy does she look cute, and boy did we have our lil' fun. I showed her my new piercing, you guyz like it?
Adrianna in "Adrianna's Playtime"
The camera man likes my face, LOL. If ya'll give me a lil' bit of alcohol, no telling what I'll do. But we'll stop the camera for the next time, hehe.
Carma Cain in "Carma and Curtis"
I just got back from a party and hottie boy Curtis was there waiting for me, or did I bring hiim home with me? Haha, he kinda' surprised me when he fingered my pussy and ass at the same time though.
Kim in "Kim's First Blowjob"
It's a first time for everything right? LOL, I was just expecting to give my first BJ, and not get fucked! What gives, but it felt really reallllly good.
Lisa Love in "Shaving"
I'm just here shaving my pussy so it looks all clean, hehe. Did I get it all guyz? I'm sure you have a closer look then I do.
Alexis Micino in "Interview"
I just love interviews, don't you? Take a look at mine and tell me if you like interviews now. I did a little bit of booty showing and was getting ready for my "Horny In The Shower Scene".
Carma Cain in "Carma Tease"
Take a load off and watch me give you a lil' strip tease. What, what? Okay, I am a bit of a tease, but put a few drinks in me, and then we're talkin'.
Chelsey Smiles in "Sleeping With Texxx"
I was sooo tired today, so I took a nap on my bed. I felt someone touching me for about 5 minutes, then I wake up to Texxx fingering my pussy. It felt incredible to have his hard, erect cock in me too! He's such a hottie.
Molly Mae in "Molly and Texxx"
I was just checking my Camp Cutie page and Texxx comes in with his lil' camera. Hey, I was horny, so I sucked his cock, can ya'll blame me? hehehe. I bet ya'll are wondering why I have that precious tattooed on my back, but Camp Cuties don't reveal their secrets.
Molly Mae in "Molly Squirts"
So, word's out that I squirt. Well of course I'm going to squirt when Texxx is finger bangin' me that hard, gees! And I'm not sorry for getting the couch wet for ya'll guyz, LOL.
Lil Zoe in "Muddy Feet"
If you haven't noticed, I love playing in the mud. I just like to be free gal and get dirty. It was kinda' windy though, I promise I wasn't pointing at you purposely.
Molly Mae in "Peeing"
The only excuse I can use is, I was drunk, LOL. I never had to pee so badly, and I just had to go somewhere! And besides, there wasn't a bush around, LOL.
Alexis Micino in "Alexis Rides"
Sybian, humph. To me it felt very different to say the least. It kinda' tickled, LOL, but it still felt very strange. I don't know, maybe I like the real thing, you tell me?
Alexis Micino in "Alexis Strips"
Here is a hot strip tease for ya'll. I hope you boyz enough it, becuz' I got really hot doing it. A few times I made my finger disappear too, do you know where?
Alexis Micino in "Alexis Showers"
Playin' in the shower is fun! Especially when you're a dirty girl like me, LOL. Well, I got really wet in that shower, and the water wasn't even on. I wonder how I got all wet ;).

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