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Peyton Skyy in "Cowgirl"
Yee-Haw boys! I need a big hard bull to ride, tee-hee. If I can't ride a bull, maybe something else, shoot. How about I just play with pussy ;)
Peyton Skyy in "Pink And Blue Lingerie"
Can ya'll count up to four with me? Ya'll ready? One... Two... Three... Four... Yeah! What was the point of all of that? Well four fingers inside something sweet and pink, take a looksy, hehe.
Peyton Skyy in "Water XXX"
Hey ya'll, I'm Peyton Skyy and I have a great feelin' I'll like it here at Camp Cutie. Nice to meet ya'll, come and say hi and I'll pour water all over my body, tee-hee.
Ashlyn Cole in "Camperish"
I think the best think about camping is ya'll get to have some wild fun out in the sun...or naughty fun is what I like. It sure gets hot in the heat, so looks like stripping down would solve most of my problems. Wat'cha think?
Ashlyn Cole in "Red And Black"
This cute lil' black and red fit was too cute to take off! But who am I kidding, ya'll gonna get to see slip my lil red panties down for ya'. Ya'll like that?
Ashlyn Cole in "Hooters"
I love watching the hot boys working up a sweat while tossing that ol’ hog skin. Or is it those tight uniforms they be prancing around in? I can look cute too in a tight lil' ol' uniform too...or maybe I look better with it off?
Ashlyn Cole in "Polar Bear"
Ya'll know what feels really good? Just spreading my lil ol' body on this fuzzy polar bear rug. It tickles my skin to the touch, LOL. Speaking of touchin', I think I just might...
Molly Mae in "First Interview"
First interviews are always a bit nerve racking. But here at Camp Cutie, interviews are quite different, LOL. It's fun though, I think I'm going to like it here, and you'll like me here too, won't cha'?
Ashlyn Cole in "Ashlyn and Presley"
Presley sure is fun to hang out with! She said we should play dress up, but ended up undressing me instead! She sure knows how to keep a gal entertained!
Ashlyn Cole in "Black Wings"
Daddy always said I was his lil' angel, LOL! I like to think of myself as a naughty angel. Doing those naughty types of things that are too good to look away from, like waiving my tiny ass for ya'll.
Molly Mae in "Office"
Texxx said he wanted to talk to me, but I didn't know he wanted to fuck me too! I was just checking my page, and he comes in with a POV and I got really excited. He's really big!
Molly Mae in "Fun With Fluffy"
Fluffy, I love this lil' pink animal. It's my nightly cuddle rino, hehe. I would cuddle with something else, but some nights at Camp Cutie, it gets kinda' lonely. :(
Molly Mae in "Tanning"
It's been really cloudy lately and I have to get a tanning session in. I don't like those tan lines, so it will be a fully nude session today. You guyz don't mind if I touch myself for a bit do ya'?
Alexis Micino in "Baby Oil Shower"
I love the feeling of baby oil all over my body. It felt so smooth when I was rubbin' it. Take a look and tell me how smooth it looks.
Lil Zoe in "Computer Chair"
Today was very boring. I just sat in my room looking at some photos of the night before. But lookie here, I have this exercise to keep me busy. So I got undressed and did some workouts, LOL.
Alexis Micino in "Fun in the Kitchen"
Does it look like I'm havin' fun in the kitchen? Well, I was hungry and went for a midnight snack, but found my way on top of the counter taking off all of my clothes, whoa, that was weird of me to do, hehe.
Dallas in "The Photographer"
So, I just came back from a jog with Lil' Zoe and was walking through the stage area where we have plays at, and in comes texxx with his camera. He bent me over and was really aggressive, but I loved it!
Brittany in "Stretching"
Hey everyone, I'm Brittany and I'm quite the athletic type. Today I was gonna go out with Lil' Zoe for a tennis game, because she say's she has nobody to play with. But instead I'm just gonna' stretch for the camera, enjoy boyz.
Lil Zoe in "Playing With Brittany"
Wow, Brittany is really hot and athletic like me, I really like her, LOL. We played Candyland all day, and when it was time to play other things, we did that too, LOL.
Kim in "Kim's First BJ"
So, I'm about to give my first BJ and I'm really nervous about it. I wonder where he is going to cum at, on my face? In my mouth? On my tits? LOL I just don't know, somebody help me out!
Adrianna in "Fun With Sybian"
Sybian is starting to get around here at Camp Cutie. I was up next to use it, and boy ol' boy did it feel really good. It had me screaming and moaning, and I couldn't stop myself from cumming.
Kristina in "Goin' Clubbin'"
I'm just about ready to go clubbin' with the girls and after a lil' bit of posing for the camera, it got really heated. I stripped away my mini-skirt and my top and cooled down. Time to go PARTAY with the girlies.
Lil Zoe in "Clubbin'"
After all of this working out and keeping myself in shape, I deserve some fun. So I'm going to wrap up the girls and go clubbin'. Maybe I shouldn't have wasted so much time getting undressed, it's almost time to go, LOL.
Lil Madison in "Pink Fuzzy"
I'm back to my favorite color again, PINK. Everything was pink today, pink undies, pink top, pink fur rug, and pink pus...hehe you get the picture.
Lil Zoe in "Track Meet"
Boy oh boy. I am all exercised out today. I started off the day with a run around cornfield, then did some tummy work, but not before I done did my stretchin' of course. Wanna' know how I stretch? Cum take a looksie, hehe.
Lil Madison in "Snow Dildo"
Well, it's been cold lately, and ya'll know what a girl has to do to keep warm. Today I went out and bought this new "Snow Didlo", as I like to call it, LOL.
Lil Zoe in "Santa Baby"
Santa BaAAby! I love this time of the year! Presents...and more presents, LOL. But this year I got to dress up as this hot lil' Santa Baby Present. Who wants to unwrap me?
Lisa Love in "Bebe Baby"
My PUSSAY! Hahaha. How's it goin' everybody? I just went shopping and got this cute outfit! Ya'll think it's hot right? Haha...It's hot and I gotta take it off my hot body.
Lil Madison in "Sweaty Winter"
Milk does the body good. I never a load this big on me, LOL. It's winter, and its sweaty. Welcome to my Sweaty Winter, although it was kinda' cold today :(. I need my blankie.
Lil Zoe in "Spilt Yogurt"
Oops, I dropped some yogurt on me, hehe. Might as well rubbing in and not let it go to waste. Wait a tootin' minute here, how did it get on my ass too. Strange, hehe.
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