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Last Online: Wed, Sep 5th
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Blow Up Pool
So, it was really hot today so I decided to "blow" up my lil' pool. Blowing up the pool sure got me thinkin' about other thangs. I need someone to come join me, ya'll know it summer and it's hot. Princess Presley might even show up.
Rest up buttercup! Rise and shine, now lets 69. Good morning Camp Cutie, I just had a wet dream. I woke up in the middle of it... and I wanna' show ya'll what it was about.
Locker Room
So, am I in the boy's locker room, or the girl's locker room? Come in find out and I promise ya'll be surprised. It brings back hot memories as a cheerleader.
Bebe Rocker
Short top and an even shorter mini skirt. I'm getting all hot here ya'll and I can't help it. It's so fun here at Camp Cutie, teehee.
Hey ya'll, I'm Princess Presley. 5'1" and 95lbs of pure hotness. Don't 'cha think so? I'mma just started taking some ballerina classes, and it's so HARD to master them moves. Ya'll know, legs spreading, thighs stretching, all that fun stuff.
At The Vineyard
Ya'll think I'mma tease don't ya'll. Well, actions speak louder than words and I'mma give you some action today. Watch me lift my lil' ass and tell me how hard your cocks get, I wanna' know! It gets me so wet. Say hi to Presley, she's so PRETTY!
Ashlyn and Presley
Presley sure is fun to hang out with! She said we should play dress up, but ended up undressing me instead! She sure knows how to keep a gal entertained!

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