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Presley Nix

Hi!!! I'm Presley Nix and you wanna know my measurements, right? ;)

  • Height: 5'6"
  • Bra: B 34
  • Waist: 28"
  • Shoes: 6 and a half.

My birthday is December 1st, so I'm a Sagittarius. I'm most sensitive on my neck, I can make anyone happy. And my favorite sexual thing in the world is 69 with another girl. In fact having a sleep-over with lots of hot girls doing 69 with them all would be heaven!

Presley Nix's Photos

In The Barn
What happens at Camp Cutie, stays at Camp Cutie... especially when you sneak off to the barn horny as fuck! I know what ya'll thinking when my ass is up in the air like that, but do ya'll know what I'm thinking? I want ya'll behind me.
Cold Outside
It's kinda' cold outside so I'm inside bundled up a ball. I promise, I won't be cold for long cuz' ya'll get me so fuckin' hot. Which one of ya'll are gonna' make me have toe curling orgams?
White Couch
What ya'll doing today? Hopefully looking at me being the lil' naughty girl that I am. It gets me so wet if ya'll rub your wood for me... I just might rub my pink pussy for ya'll.
First Shoot
It's my first Camp Cutie shoot! Ya'll wanna' see what I have to offer? The color pink! But just how pink IS my pussy? Take a nice hard look.
Teeny Weeny Bikini
I'm ready for the beach! Today is hot and I wanna' go to the beach, but I need a ride. I have gas money, LOL. We'll if ya'll aren't gonna' take me, I might as well take my bikini off.
Pink And Fluffy
I'm pink and fluffy...and a hustler. I love playing dress up, or should I say dress down ;). I'm shy remember, don't stare too HARD!
I look sooOO heavenly, LOL. This is the "good" angel outfit, but when I take it off, I feel so "bad". But don't tell anyone I said that.
Snow White Fantasy
Today I get to play as my Snow White in the Camp Cutie play! It's so excited, and I worked really hard to get this part. You guyz should come watch me.
Punky Presley
Hey ya'll. I'm Punky Presley, LOL. Hold on to your horses because with knee high boots like these, I'll scold some ass! Naw, but these boots were amazing.

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