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Mz. Molly Mae

Last Online: Wed, May 23rd
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Molly Mae's Photos

First Interview
First interviews are always a bit nerve racking. But here at Camp Cutie, interviews are quite different, LOL. It's fun though, I think I'm going to like it here, and you'll like me here too, won't cha'?
Texxx said he wanted to talk to me, but I didn't know he wanted to fuck me too! I was just checking my page, and he comes in with a POV and I got really excited. He's really big!
Fun With Fluffy
Fluffy, I love this lil' pink animal. It's my nightly cuddle rino, hehe. I would cuddle with something else, but some nights at Camp Cutie, it gets kinda' lonely. :(
It's been really cloudy lately and I have to get a tanning session in. I don't like those tan lines, so it will be a fully nude session today. You guyz don't mind if I touch myself for a bit do ya'?

Molly Mae's Videos

Molly and Texxx
I was just checking my Camp Cutie page and Texxx comes in with his lil' camera. Hey, I was horny, so I sucked his cock, can ya'll blame me? hehehe. I bet ya'll are wondering why I have that precious tattooed on my back, but Camp Cuties don't reveal their secrets.
Molly Squirts
So, word's out that I squirt. Well of course I'm going to squirt when Texxx is finger bangin' me that hard, gees! And I'm not sorry for getting the couch wet for ya'll guyz, LOL.
The only excuse I can use is, I was drunk, LOL. I never had to pee so badly, and I just had to go somewhere! And besides, there wasn't a bush around, LOL.

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