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Lisa Loves to Dominate

Heeeey, what's your sign??? ;) I'm an Aries so you better get ready for a crazy girl in the bed! Oh, and you better not forget chocolates, flowers, and new lingerie on the 24th of March!

Oh yeah - you'll need some measurements! ;) I'm a tall and slender 5'9", 28" waist, 34 C bra. And I LOOOOOVE shoes, so take note that my shoe size is 7.

Wanna know what I like? Green colors. Italian food. Kisses on my Neck, and rough sex where I dominate you and am almost always on top!

Lisa Love's Photos

Bebe Baby
My PUSSAY! Hahaha. How's it goin' everybody? I just went shopping and got this cute outfit! Ya'll think it's hot right? Haha...It's hot and I gotta take it off my hot body.
Top o the World
I'm on top o' the world ya'll! I know the glasses are big, but they're hot. I shaved my pussy the night before just for this photoset, haha, it was fun.
Go Skulls Go
Go Skulls Go! I'mma punky cheerleader ya'll. Whoa, was it fun playing dress up, and spreading my lips for the camera :).
Fur Coat
Hello, who's there? Wrong number? Lata', LOL. Whoa, that was weird! Ok, now I'll take off my clothes, hahaha.
Punk School Girl
Sup ya'll. Let's go to this punk show down by the river! It's gonna' be fun! But before I head out, I'mma play with myself for a bit. LOL.
Pink Fur
Pink Fur, how did I end up in Lil' Madison's room? Haha, that girl really does love her pink. As long as I'm here, might as well use her comfy bed to my advantage. Anyone wanna' play with me?
Lezbo Pole Lovin
Kylee Karr is one crazy gal! Hot and crazy, just how I like 'em. We did some dancing on a stripper pole, and did a lil' bit of lezbo licking.
Red Bikini Rock
So, ya'll probably wondering what I'm doing out in the middle of nowhere with my bikini on. I just wanted to be alone for a while to has some of "my time". You can guess what that is.
Anarchy Rock
Anarchy Rock!! So does this mean I get to follow my own rules, oh wait, I have none. What should I do? Hmm, anything goes here at Anarchy Rock.
Nothing is as soft as leopard, I'll tell ya'll what?!?! I'm just laying here waiting on Kylee Karr, that hot piece of love.
Strippin Pole
Who wants a strip tease? Ya'll want me to take off all my clothes you say? Hmm, lemme think about that one. Enjoy the show boyz.
My Girl on the Couch
Lisa Love can surely lick a good pussy like mine. This chick is is hot and sexy. Two good pluses is my book. I wonder what type of music she is inta'.
Fucking Lisa Love
Fuckin' Lisa Love and I again, this time out in the open like wild beasts. She knows I like it rough, and with her hand on my head takin' the wheel, got me fuckin' hot!

Lisa Love Wallpaper

Lisa Love's Diary

Lucky but Sad

It's been I while since I wrote!
I've had a mad but brilliant summer.

So I finally got to get on the road with an amazing band like my good friend Kylee Karr! And I totally had the best time ever. Ever. Ever. Ever!

I will never forget the awesome experiences I had... And a very special friend I made.

But now I am just devastated because I won't get to spend time with that friend again. I hope they think of me sometimes and smile thinking of the time we shared.

Thank goodness I have all my gorgeous Camp Cutie girls to keep me happy.

Until next time ;)

Lisa <3
Punky Pink
Hey everyone,

I hope you like my new hair!
From blonde to brunette... so which is true... who has more fun, blondes or brunettes??!

I hope you like my Wallpapers!!!
I think they are super cute...how about you?
Do your part!
I hope you all voted today!
I was talking to one of my friends in England and she was saying how she's the only one of her friends that votes.
I think thats really sad. It's so important that we have our say!

I love having my say... especially in the bedroom ;)
When I'm good I'm good, but when I'm bad I'm better!!
I stayed at my friends house last night. We stayed up chatting, watching movies... but she was tired and fell asleep :( and I was so horny!!!!! Thankfully my other friend was online and stayed up and talked dirty to me... so there I was, laying there playing with myself (in my SEXY new underwear) with my friend laying asleep next to me!! I love being naughty! I love that she might have woken up and caught me!!! If only she did... she could have joined in ;)

That's why it's so much better staying with my camp cutie girls! Love ya <3<3<3

On the road...
I was up all night talking to sexy Kylee Karr and she was telling me all about her trip to Europe with her favourite band!!! OMG!!! It sounds amazing! I think I'm going to have to follow her lead... I need to find a band to take me!!

...Stuck in a tour bus with a group of guys for a few weeks!!!! Can you imagine...!! ;)
So fucking excited!!
So my first photoset is up!!! I'm so excited!! And check out my girl Kylees photos to see us playing together! Just thinking about it makes me so wet! Especially the outside shots!! OMG! I love fucking outside!! I think its the thought of getting caught, it turns me on sooo much ;) xxxxx
Hey! It's Lisa Love here! It's so awesome to be part of Camp Cutie!! I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!! ;)

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