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Lil Zoe Likes to Skate!

Hey! On June 6th u better say "happy birthday"! That makes me a Gemini, but don't worry... both my sides are cute!

I'm small! 5'2". 25" waist. 30 A bra. But small girls are the best!

Pink & Black, baby... that's what it's aaaaaaall about!

I'm a simple girl. Give me a McDonalds Happy Meal! I’m very athletic and love the outdoors. I just moved into my first apartment, and got the cuttest puppy ever, he’s a Great Dane and his name is Chase.

I love writting and taking pictures and wanna be a journalist.

Lil Zoe's Photos

Computer Chair
Today was very boring. I just sat in my room looking at some photos of the night before. But lookie here, I have this exercise to keep me busy. So I got undressed and did some workouts, LOL.
Playing With Brittany
Wow, Brittany is really hot and athletic like me, I really like her, LOL. We played Candyland all day, and when it was time to play other things, we did that too, LOL.
After all of this working out and keeping myself in shape, I deserve some fun. So I'm going to wrap up the girls and go clubbin'. Maybe I shouldn't have wasted so much time getting undressed, it's almost time to go, LOL.
Track Meet
Boy oh boy. I am all exercised out today. I started off the day with a run around cornfield, then did some tummy work, but not before I done did my stretchin' of course. Wanna' know how I stretch? Cum take a looksie, hehe.
Santa Baby
Santa BaAAby! I love this time of the year! Presents...and more presents, LOL. But this year I got to dress up as this hot lil' Santa Baby Present. Who wants to unwrap me?
Spilt Yogurt
Oops, I dropped some yogurt on me, hehe. Might as well rubbing in and not let it go to waste. Wait a tootin' minute here, how did it get on my ass too. Strange, hehe.
Monkey Pajamas
So tired!! I'm here in my lil' monkey pajamas relaxing on the couch. Nothin' is on the telly so I gotta' keep myself and yourself a lil' entertained. How can I do that? Hmmm, you'll see.
Bean Bag
I can lay in this bean bag all day. It's so freakin' comfy. I gotta get ready though, Camp meeting in a half hour!! Yikes, I hope I have time to do, ummm, you'll see.
Today was very shiny to say the least. I felt like i was in a huuuuuge candy wrapper, and I love candy! hehe. Did I mention it was really cold in there...Can you notice?
Anything with sugar to get my crazy...gimmie some! Especially a nice hard, stiff, popsicle, hehe. What, what were you guyz thinking?
Who's secret? Lil' Zoe's secret. Today I bought some new lingerie (pink and black), and had to try them on for you guyz at home.
Silver Bullet
So, it looks like I'mma take a bullet for ya'll today...the "Silver Bullet", LOL. It tastes like candy :)
Dirty Little Me
Dirty Little Me! Texxx is darn hot if ya'll ask me, but he is kinda' mean...to my pussy. He is kinda' big, and I'm really lil'. That ass, LOL.
How on earth did I end up all the way out here? I think I made a wrong left somewhere. Oh darn, I might as well play in this warehouse, LOL.
Spongebob No Pants
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob no pants!! Hehe, today I laid on my bed all day, it was really chill. Maybe it was because of the ice cream fun I had.
Roller Blades
I just bought these new roller-blades and they're tougher than I thought. Is someone gonna' help me up, or are ya'll just gonna' sit there and watch me get up my lonesome.
Teachers Pet
I've almost been the teacher's pet and I'mma takin' that attitude over to our camp, hehe. But I still need a teacher, any out there?
Skinny Dip In The Hotel Pool
The girls and I took a trip over to the city. We got this hotel room and boy o' boy did I have a fun night. I snuck off to the pool and went skinny dipping :).
50 Yard Line
Hmmm, fun at the 50 yard line. It was a cold night as you can see, but I had my ways to warm myself up.
Chocolate Ice Cream
Who likes ice cream? How about chocolate syrup? And how about it all over me? It got all sticky and need ya'll ta' like it of me clean!
Flower Bath
I'm all dirty and I need myself a bath. I can sure use the company guyz. Come scrub my back :).
A and F Watch Out
A and F betta' watch out because I'mma taking off all their clothes, hehe. Kinda' fun to took off such comfortable clothes to be even freer.
White Leggings
It feels so good to have the freedom where you can just walk around topless around the house. I as a lil' hungry so I got some whip cream from the fridge. I was a lil' distracted because of these long leggings. I'll be back for that whip cream a lil' later, hehe.
Sometimes I have way too much fun around here. Today's special is watermelon on cherry, hehe. Do ya'll wanna' bite?
Picture Frame
My lil' pink pussy is soooo cute, isnt it? So cute, I think I'll frame it. This frame kinda' makes me feel like a 3D picture. LOL.
Cream and a Cherry
Do ya'll want my cherry? I bet ya'll do! I'mma already sweet enough...but whip cream and cherries make it yummier and more fun. I'mma end up giving you a cavity with all this sweetness!
Candy Bikini Pool
Who says kiddie pools are only for lil' kids? I'mma get super wet in this lil' pool...but it's not from the puddle of water I'm sitting in.
Laundry Day
It's laundry day and I'm so excited to get some clean undies on, hehe, I wonder why. My new dildo came in today, and I had to try it out. I came so many times, and when I went to put my undies back on, they got all wet, LOL.
No one ever wants to play tennis with me. :( But everyone wants to see what I do after I hit a couple of balls to keep my body in shape, LOL.
At The Lake
Whoooooa, today I got a lil' dirty. I was out by the lake and rubbed mud all over my body! Why? I have no idea, hehe, I just wanted to feel how the wet mud felt all over my body, and it felt really good!
In The Woods
I had a lot of fun playin' in the woods today, and undressing in front of the camera for ya'll to look at me, hehe. I need to go back to that spot and do some rock climbing to keep my body lookin slim and slender, but I need someone to come with me. :)
Hay Bale
Yeeehawww! LOL, somebody's had a lot of candy today, and somebody's gonna' pay for it! Whoa, I'm really hyper today, and this cowgirl needs a bull. I wanna go for a ride!

Lil Zoe's Videos

Lil' Zoe and Brittany - Strip Candyland
Candyland is a fun game, don't ya'll think? Well, just the word candy is fun, hehe. Brittany is so cute, and is so fun to play with too :) To think of it, she tastes like candy too, if ya'll know what I mean.
Lil' Zoe on Sybian and Texxx
So, what's everyone been talkin' about ya'll? I hear it's about my tiny pink pussy, hehe. Well, Sybian was great, Texxx was big, LOL. And his cock, well yeah, didn't like that too much :)
Muddy Feet
If you haven't noticed, I love playing in the mud. I just like to be free gal and get dirty. It was kinda' windy though, I promise I wasn't pointing at you purposely.

Lil Zoe Wallpaper

Lil Zoe's Diary

Come Take Care of Me
I hate being sick! I think I caught a cold. My nose is all stuffy and it?s making me talk all funny. Its kinnda funny though. I just layed around today, wrapped up in my covers like a burrito, and watched Christmas movies. THEN Madison came over and cuddled with me to keep me nice and warm, and she even made me soup! Then we turned music on and played Candyland. Haha that?s one of our favorite games! :] So even though I was feeling icky today, it was kinnda nice. I love having people take care of me. Going to bed now so I can get all bettet. :]

Nighty night!
Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!!
Guess what! I put up my Christmas tree today all by myself! It was kinnda hard. I got tangled up a few times in my pink lights and the tree kept falling over on me. :[ When I finally did get it all put up and pretty, Chase, my puppy dog, knocked it over with his tail. So I had to do it allllll over again. It?s ok though cuz I still had fun dancing around in my Christmas panties and singing carols at the top of my lungs. :] Next time I?m calling one of you to come put my tree up for me! Then maybe I'll put your tree up ;] haha
My new best friend
I met a new girlfriend, and she's really hot! I can't tell if she's into me though. Its sometimes hard to tell if a girl wants to eat your pussy lol. Is it wrong that I think of her when I masturbate? She's gonna spend the night this weekend, I think we are just gonna stay in and watch movies. I'm so nervous and excited at the same time, I like makin the first move so this is gonna be interesting to say the least. I'll let you know how it turns out, who knows I might even get her to take some pictures with me... maybe thats a bit premature, but a girl can wich right?!

I Love Thanksgiving, not because of the food though, because it reminds me of best time I ever had...
Well lets see, I was 16 and my best friend Mandy moved to Wisconsin and I was sooo sad, but my parents said that she could come stay with us over the Thanksgiving break. I was so excited I was counting down the days until she flew in. Well we had so much fun the whole break, but the really good part was when we snuck out thanksgiving night and toilet papered this guy Arron's house. We thought he was so cute. Well, why we were doing it a police car snuck up on us and shined his light thingy right at us. We freaked out and ran behind the house and onto the golf course. We ran for like 10 minutes until we got all the way to the lake on the12th hole. Well, after a few minutes of catching our breath we sat down under this huge oak tree by the lake and thats when it happend. She kissed me!!! It scared me at first, but then after a few seconds I kissed her right back. She didn't say a word, she just put her hand down my pants and stuck her fingers inside me, by this time I was pretty wet, and she pulled her hand out and sucked on her wet fingers! I was so turned on!!! Then she took of all my clothes and started eating my pussy, and she knw exactly what she was doing to (not that I would know, I have never even masturbated at that time) She was so naughty, she had one finger in my ass and 2 more in my pussy while she was licking my clit!!! And then I had the biggest orgasm I can remember to this day! I didnt know what it was at the time but all I remembered is that it felt better than anything I had ever done before. Then she laid on top of me and we kissed for what felt like ever. I remember smelling my pussy on her face as she licked my lips. After about 15 minutes of that I put my clothes on and we held hands while we walked back to my house. She left that very next morning, but I thought about that night constantly for about two weeks. We got to visit each other every couple of months, but by the time I got out of highschool we sorta lost touch. But that will be one of the best memories of my life. So theres always something about Thanksgiving to me. I wonder if she still thinks of that night every once in a while? I hope so...

What do guys want?
I need an education on guys, I think. I'm asking everyone out there to tell me what guys want. I wanna know what turns you on, and what turns you off about girls. For instance, I like a dominant guy, one that is confident and always has the date planned out. I kinda like to be told what to do, I need to respect him for that though. But sometimes I like to be spontaniouse (is that how you spell it?) And sometimes I wanna boss him around (especially in bed :) ) So please write in and tell me what you want in a girl, you never know it just might be me!!

Dazed & Confused,
Haloween Party
I drank too much, period. That would have been the title to my photo shoot if we had a camera on haloween. It was alot of fun, I was a fireman, uh I mean firegirl. I put black shoe polish spots on Chase (my dog, remember?) and I did my first keg stand. I had 1,000,000 jello shots and some other red drink. We got lots of pictures, but I lost may camera! I'm gonna post some when I find it. Some are a little naughty, but if your reading this then i guess ur old enough! So stay tuned I "The Great Camera Search" is on!!! And if you find it you can claim the reward, one big wet kiss...from Chase!!! LOL!!!

Zoe & Chase
Rainy Day
Its been raining all day! I love when it rains, my favorite thing to do when its thundering and lightning is to open up all the windows and have sex, it sooo hot for some reason. Does anyone have an umbrella I can borrow?

Wow What a long Week!!!
Wow, we've been moving to a new office this whole last week. We all chiped in to help move BUT they're makin' fun of me cuz I can't lift heavy stuff! :( It's alot of work, but its totally worth it, cuz now we have a place to hang out, watch movies, get out hair and makeup done, we all feel really important now, but anythings better than the big cardboard box that they used to keep me in, lol!
Well I'm poooped, but I promise to post some pics of out new digs soon! Till' next time this is one tired camper!

Love ya!
Miss Z!
Whipcream and Cherries!!!!
This is one of my favorite ones we've done, at first I was skeptical about getting all slimmy and sticky, but IT WAS SO FUN!!!! And the pics turned out HOT too! I've been getting alot of replies on this one. Well gotta go!

Keepin' it wet and sticky!
Long Weekend!!!
I don't feel gud :( I have had a cold this whole weekend! I didn't go out or anything. I need to eat lots of ice cream and watch "The Price is Right" to feel better. I have to catch up my diaries too, I just hope I feel better soon!

See ya soon
Hi Vic!!!
I just wanted to say hi to my love Vic! He's our webmaster! He's such a cutie pie! I talked to him online for 3 hours last night. Anyway, your dong an awesome job, talk to ya soon!

Hey Guys
Whats up! Did everybody have a good weekend? I didn't do allot I was so lazy, I turned my phone off and mostly slept. It rained all weekend so it was easy to be lazy. I think I'm gonna go back to bed, LOL!

Why are boys so dumb! I was out with 2 of my friends just runnin errands and there where some guys at the tanning place there were two hot ones and the other one was sooo ugly, and of course, me being the ugly magnet, he wouldnt leave me alone!!!! I was planning on just waiting for my friends to tan cuz I already tanned this morning, but I bought a membership and tanned again just so I wouldn't be stuck out in the lobby with him!!! Just another day in The Life of Zoe.

Rescue Me!
I totally forgot about the "Candy Bikini" shoot, that whats soooo slippery! I forgot that I had the baby oil ands tried to eat my panties...GROSSSS!!! Oh well hope you enjoy!

Yeah It's Gettin Cold
Yeah its gonna be 54 degrees in Dallas tomorrow night! I can't wait. I have been buying lots of winter clothes, but until now its been to hot to wear them. Hmmm, now I just have to figure out where to go. I think I'm going to Purgatory, it's one of the most bad ass clubs in Dallas, it has 3 floors, the first floor is Hell, its dark and gloomy and they play Hip-Hop, the second level is Purgatory where they play just "house". And then theres the top floor, its of course, Heaven, Its really cool, its all white and kinda cold in there and thay play awesome "Hardcore Trance"! Guess which level Im gonna be on...

Theme Song
Ok, I got it! I cam eup with the CampCutie Theme song. See What you think:

Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda
Her I am at, Camp-lic-a-lota
So much pussy, for me to choose from
I think I'll mail it to my freinds, cuz they could use some!

Well it's a work in progress. ;)

Laundry Shoot
Oh Wow! I totally forgot about this shoot! I remember drinking too much wine, lol. Theres a video that goes with it, so if you think the photos are hot I can't wait for you to see the video. I think we are going to auction off those panties I was wearing.

Ta Ta for Now,
I LOVE HAWLOWEEN!!!! Lets be honest for a second, girls love haloween cuz they have an excuse to dess up like sluts and really show off what they're workin' with, and well, ME TOO!!! Im going with Jennifer and Mandy to go pic out costumes, BUT before I go. I need some ideas. I want you guys to help me decide. Send me your ideas by replying to this email, AND if it's reeeeeally good I'm gonna wear it AND do a photo shoot with it. Wow, I'm a genuis! love ya for now. :)

Cooking Class
I've decided that I need a hobby, so I'm gonna take a cooking class. I need to buy pots and pans. I dont have one. I can burn water. Is it still true that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If thats true then how come everytime a guy hits on me he never asks if I can cook? I think only fat chicks made that up cuz thats all they have to offer. But still, Im tired of Taco bell.

My I.D.!!!
Chase got into my purse and chewed up my wallet, I didnt notice until I was about to leave to go to a club!!! My ID was chewed up so bad u couldnt even tell it was me. I went to the club with my friends and they wouldnt let me in because the asshole didnt believe that I was over 18. Look at me, I could easily pass for, well, ok but he's still an asshole!

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