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Sporty Lil Madison

On February 4th I want something nice. And take the time to wrap it and get a card! *pout* ;) So, yea, I'm an Aquarius. Fits me cuz I'm always "wet". ;)

I'm 5'6". My waist is 27", and my bra is 34 B. So now you can get me something from Fredericks or Abercrombie. hahahaha!

I love dark pinks, just soooooooo sexy.

As for food.... Chick-Fil-A freakin' RUUUUULES!!!!

I love to play soccer. Wanna game?

Lil Madison's Photos

Pink Fuzzy
I'm back to my favorite color again, PINK. Everything was pink today, pink undies, pink top, pink fur rug, and pink pus...hehe you get the picture.
Snow Dildo
Well, it's been cold lately, and ya'll know what a girl has to do to keep warm. Today I went out and bought this new "Snow Didlo", as I like to call it, LOL.
Sweaty Winter
Milk does the body good. I never a load this big on me, LOL. It's winter, and its sweaty. Welcome to my Sweaty Winter, although it was kinda' cold today :(. I need my blankie.
I Get Naked
I get nekkid. LOL for no reason, I just felt like being bad today. And I still been trying to get my tummy more toned, I think it's looking hot! Check me out boyz.
Army Brat
Wow, today was freakin' bad ass. I got to dress up as an Army Brat, and did I look hot. I got my own dog tags, mini camouflage skirt, and soldier boots. Where is my soldier boy?
Pink, Yellow and Perky
I love what I'm wearin' today! Hot pink, and I look hot in it! WoOOOhooOoo babay! How hot will I look with it off?
Poison Apple
Does ya'll wanna' play dress up with me? I gotta' poison apple for ya'll to eat, hehe. What, you thought Snow White was a nice girl? We'll I'mma bad one.
Dressing Room
I was stuck in an elevator today, what a wreck! But know I'm in my room relieving all the stress build-up. Do ya'll wanna' come in and join me? hehe.
My Pink Heaven
Hot pink background, YAYEe! I'm in my own peaceful pink heaven. I thought I was bad though, what am I doing in heaven? hehe.
Oh no! It's very sunny out, and I hope I don't get any tan lines. To make sure I'll bare it all out by the pool today.
I've never had this much fun in a limo before today! Wait a darn minute here, did I just make my finger disappear? You tell me.
By My Window
I wonder if anyone saw what I was doing by my window this morning, hehe. Time surely does fly by when ya'll having fun don't it? I'mma be having more fun than ya'll I bet.
Pink Bikini
Pink, pink, and more pink! I love this color with a passion folks. Ya'll like it too?? How 'bout my pink pussy lips?
Madisons Room
I love just hanging out in my room sometimes in my lil' t-shirt and boyshorts...hoping one of those cute boys from across the way would accidently find their way in here and help me have some fun.
Bettie Homemaker
Fun in the kitchen! I'm not talkin about cooking now...I'm talking about me having naughty fun on the kitchen counter.
So I tell my cute next door neighbor I want to snap some hot pics on his bike...and what do you know I'm bending all over that motorcycle with my bare ass in the air. I love to feel that power in between my legs...it gets me all wet.
Camp Kitchen
It was my turn to cook for the Camp Cuties, but when I was just about to start the meal, I had a tingling sensation on my clit. I had to take care of it, so I got on the counter and had my fun. It was very hot!
Old Camp Truck
Did I tell ya'll how much I love these boots? I went out to the stables today to take a ride on my horse. I really felt like riding something, but the horse was the only one there. That didn't last very long, so I went out to my daddy's old truck and got a lil' dirty.
Desert Cowgirl
Lately I been working on my tummy, and it's really starting to show. I'm so excited, LOL. It was a lil' hot out, so I got my out my cowgirl outfit and headed outside. Well, needless to say, my outfit didn't stay on very long.
Naughty Party Girl
It's time to go out and PARTAY! I'm wearing my favorite colors today and I'm really hot! So hot, I just need to take it off and play with myself for a while.
Vineyard Sweetie
I just got this cute dress and decided to wear it for the first time. It was a lil' short and tight, but it was hot out, so I dressed for the part. There were trees everywhere, I got lost a couple of times, but the camera found me doing some naughty thangs for ya'll ta' see.

Lil Madison's Wallpaper

Lil Madison's Diary

Gueesssssssssss whhoooooooooooooo!
Dont everyone get to excited at once...*crickets* lol! Well hello everyone! I know yall have prolly been posting missing persons reports and such but have no fear! Madison is here! I have been a busy bee this summer taking care of some family stuff but I am back in your arms and its feels so good! :] tehe. This up coming semester is sure to be the best one yet! Im still going to school and playing soccer in addition to spending as MUCH time as I can here at Camp Cuties with my BEST FRIEND Princess Presley of course. So0o0o0o be on the look out for NEW new NEW new LiL Madison! YAY!

See you around lovers,
LiL Madison
Guilty Pleasure
I?m just sittin around in my pretty pink panties watching Nip Tuck! I love this show so0o0o0 much. Most def my favorite guilty pleasure. It?s jammed packed with hott sex scenes! It?s the most action I get on the weekdays saying I go to a Christian school. Bet yall didn?t know that about me huh?! I?m a very naughty naughty girl who must be punished. OH who will punish me?! Haha :] Yay maybe a spanking! Well I suggest yall watch Nip Tuck when it comes on. Then you will know the exact time I am touching myself! Haha dirty. Back to the show!!

<3 LiL Miss Madison
Winter Makes Me H-O-T-T!
Hey lovers!
Aren?t yall glad it?s December?! Oh wow I just love Christmas! It pretty much my favorite time of year. I get so *excited* when its chilly willy outside and I can strip down to my little boy shorts and warm fuzzy socks, lay in front of the fire place, and sip hot coco. WHO WANTS TO JOIN ME! It?s so much more fun when you have someone to cuddle with. I have always fantasized of having sex in front of the fire places like in those cheesy books. Haha come on boys! Make my dreams come true!! :] Yay. Ok well don?t forget about me over the holiday season. I?ll be sure to post some new Christmas stuff that will sure warm up your hearts and?.uhhhh?.feet. ;] Tehe! Stay warm lovers!

Warm and Cuddly!
Lil Miss Madison
Yay for this weekend!
Yay! I took new pictures this weekend. Hopefully they will be up soon. They are so cute. I love to dress up! And I got to see my most favorite person Kyle Maddox! We worked really hard and had lots of fun. AND I got to dress up like a fairy! Tehe I love it. Just wait till you see them. Ill be doing some more this weekend when I go home, at our brand new studio. ITS AMAZINGLY AMAZING. Hopefully some of my girls will be there so we can have a sleep over. :) Nap time. Love you. Bye.

Lil Miss Maddy
Proud to be a Camper! Duh!
*I love my girls.
*I love what I do.
*I love being naked...I think it?s beautiful!
*I love being the center of attention.
*I love being told, "That?s Hott" <-Kyle Maddox ;)

So If your here on my page you must like a lot of the same things I do. Lately I have realized that I really do love all these things. I get SO excited when it comes time to take new pictures. There?s nothing more empowering then being naked in front of people, standing bold, and being proud of your body. I love who we are here at Camp Cuties. We represent all different kinds of girls...different kinds of beauty. And HELLO, we are dead sexy. :) Did I mention that I love my girls?

<3 I loves to be a Camper
Lil Miss Madison
Wanna Shag?
Hiiiiii! <3<3<3<3<3
Im super excited about the weekend! I get to go home and see our brand new hang-out! I told them I wanted my room painted allllll pink and I want shag carpet so I can well....DUH! Shag carpet is my favorite ever. I just love how it feels on my pussy. :x! Well it's nap time for this little camper. I have had an extra long day and my vibrator is callin my name. Hey!...I cant help it...I love to touch myself. :) Talk to you later.

Ooohhh Ahhhhh!
Lil Miss Madison

P.S. I'm taking new Pictures this weekend but I sure could use some help on what I should do!
New Pics and Naked Chicks
Hey everybody!
How are my favorite people doing? I hope everyones weekend was good. Mine was! I went to a party last night and had so much fun. My girls and I looked so0o hott...like always. I do have some pretty fine friends ;). Anyways...we got there kinnda late and the party was lame so to spice it up we all did a lil strip tease on the bar. Haha we are Crazy! Then we all just ended up making out hardcore, which is always fun. I woke up this morning to find us all naked lying on the floor of my dorm room on my big fuzzy rug. :) Who knows. Haha. It was a nice night to say the least.

CHECK OUT MY NEW PICTURES! I look so innocent in all of them. But we all know better. I am the baby of the bunch but that dosnt mean anything. YALL BETTER START LEAVING ME SOME LOVE! Let me know what you think or what you would like to see. Im open to allllll new ideas. Yay!

Talk to you later.
Love love LOVE!
Lil Miss Madison
Sorrrrrryyyyy! :)
Hey Guys!
Sorry I haven?t written in a while. I?ve been busy busy! I hope everyone has had a good week. I?m very excited about the weekend. I need a break! My girls and I are hoping to hit up the club tomorrow night. I love dancing and I haven?t gotten the chance to go have any fun lately! Yay for weekends. :) ANNNNNNDDDDDD Halloween is coming up! Its pretty much international dress up like a slut day. LOVE IT! At least I have things to look forward to now. MMMMHHHUUUMMMMM!

Our dirty little secret...
It seems like my life have been revolving around bus rides and soccer lately and that really started to get on my nerves?until our last trip. I ended up sitting with a new girl, Sasha, rather then my usual bus buddy. As we first got on the bus she recommended that we sit at the very back just to change it up. I didn?t think anything of it until half way through the ride when I found her easing her hands under my shirt. She is a drop dead gorgeous blonde so of course I didn?t say anything. One thing lead to another and pretty soon we were hard core making out in the back. Her lips were sooooo soft and as we continued to kiss she took her hand from my stomach and slid it up my skirt. The bus was freezing, making her fingers an ice cold surprise between my legs, which by this point were burning hot. It was so exotic. Unfortunately, just as things were really starting to get exciting, our bus pulled around the corner up to the hotel. We leave tonight to head back home and once again she?s my seat buddy. I have never been so excited for a 10 hour ride. I?m sure this time things will get a little hotter in the back of the bus. If you can keep my little secrets i'll be sure to let you know them all. ;)

Hot and bothered
<3 Madison
Im so embarrassed!
Today was pretty funny. I was hanging out in my dorm room dancing around in front of the mirror, (like always) listening my favorite song ?Buttons,? when the girl from next door knocked on my door. When she came in she handed me this CD and was like? ?I burnt you the whole Pussy Cat Dolls CD so you don?t have to play that one song on repeat.? I was SO embarrassed. She was really sweet about it so I just said thanks. Then she invited me over to show me that she snuck a kitten into the dorms. I want a kitten SO bad. Or a little puppy. I like small animals. :) Tomorrow we are leaving for yet another game. Blah. Anyways, that?s all for today. Leave me some messages!!!!!

Love Loves!
Hard nipples h
So today was a little better. We won our game like always. Although it did feel strange running around with no panties. IM SO MAD THEY TOOK THEM! :( Our soccer shorts are really loose so all I was thinking about the whole game was..."Oh no my shorts are going to get pulled down and then they'll really have a show." Haha, but they didn?t. (Darn! ;)) Now I'm back in my dorm. We left the AC on full blast so it?s really really cold and my nipples are really really hard. I could cut glass with these things! Just a little visual for ya there. ;) Well I?m about to lay in bed. I?m sleepy! Talk to you laters!

Someone stole my panties :(
Today was horrible! We checked into our new hotel around 3pm. When we finally got down to our rooms we were so pissed. They hadn?t been cleaned yet and smelt funny. So we dropped off our stuff and had to wait in the lobby for an hour while they got the rooms ready. When we got back down there I noticed my bag had been moved. I looked through it and noticed that the stuff in my bag had been moved around too. Yeah?guess what? SOMEONE STOLE ALL MY PANTIES OUT OF MY FREAKIN BAG!! I am SO pissed. They were some of my favorites. :( Then to make me feel better my roommate bought me sweet tea but it was icky. So it just made everything worse. Now I'm lying in bed with no panties to wear and I have to play my soccer game tomorrow without any either. Uggggg. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. :(

Love anyways
Buses and Naked Girls
We were on the bus allll last night traveling to this tournament. The ride was pretty fun though. I got to cuddle with my favorite girl the whole way there! We had so much fun. We got on the bus pretty late but the soft vibrations put me to sleep. It was nice. ;) Once we got to the hotel everyone really woke up. We made a 1 am run down to the pool in the freezing cold and jumped in naked! What a rush. Then we headed back to the room and all got in this little bed together. It was packed with half naked girls. Haha I love my team. Well I?m about to go down to the hot tub! I?ll write more later.

Love loves!
Going out of town with my girls!
Heeeeeey boy and girls! Im having a WONDERFUL day today. It feels so nice out side! I love fall. I dressed up all pretty today and wore my little cute denim skirt. Let me tell you?the breeze was NICE and of course I didn?t "remember" panties. Anyways, I?m going out of town this weekend for a soccer tournament with my girls. These trips are always fun and?uhhh?interesting, (tehe) so I should have lots of good stories to tell. OH! I?m rooming with my best bud Lauren and she LOVES to do naked yoga just like me! I?m super excited for that. I?ll let you know as soon as something happens!

Soccer and Panties
We won our game today! 3-0. It was amazing! I scored a goal in the last few seconds. Afterwards we all got dressed up and went out to eat at this new place by the school. I looked so hott! I wore my new little black skirt which prolly wasn?t such a great idea because it was so windy outside. It blew up right as we were walking in the door, and of course I wasn?t wearing any panties! It?s about time I get some new ones. I?m addicted to buying underwear!! Although most of the time I forget to put them on. :) Oh well.

Loves and Hugs!

Naked Yoga
Well I passed my flexibility test like I knew I would. My partner seemed to really be enjoying himself! I impressed the class by doing the splits on a table. Haha I felt dirty, but when do I not?! :) My roommate is really staring to get on my nerves! She keeps complaining about me doing my morning yoga naked. I can?t help it if I can't go through my full range of motion with cloths on. I think she secretly wants me. SWEET! Oh hum. Here she comes now... Let?s see if I?m right ;)

Lots of Kisses!!
Im SO excited!
My first diary!
Yay! I hope you guys will enjoy it! I have so much going on right now. Between school, soccer, and of course taking pictures with my friends, my life is busy busy! I??ll try to give you a little update as often as I can. Let me know what you think about my pictures and feel free to send me ideas about what you would LOVE to see. ?? I like trying new things! Well sorry this is so short. I have to go stretch for the flexibility test I have in my wellness class tomorrow! I??m SURE I??ll pass with flying colors! ;) Bye-bye for now!

Hugs and Love,

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