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Kylee Karr <3s U!

Send me presents on November 26th (I'm a Sagittarius - "the most philosophical of all the signs"). I'm 5'5" and my AWESOME boobs are 34 D.

Like most of our Cuties, I cum from Texas originally but now live in New York. Lately I spend a lot of my time in California for, ummm.... "business events" ;) *hehehehe* Pink is my favorite color. Double Stuffed Oreos and Milk are my favorite yummies.

I used to be in gymnastics and cheerleading. Im very flexible! I love being watched while I masturbate, play with my friends and show a few guys a thing or two about "real fun". I am way into music. Especially really brutal music like metal and hardcore! (I guess i just like hardcore anything, right ;) What about you???

Kylee Karr's Photos

Lezbo Pole Lovin
Kylee Karr is one crazy gal! Hot and crazy, just how I like 'em. We did some dancing on a stripper pole, and did a lil' bit of lezbo licking.
My Girl on the Couch
Lisa Love can surely lick a good pussy like mine. This chick is is hot and sexy. Two good pluses is my book. I wonder what type of music she is inta'.
Fucking Lisa Love
Fuckin' Lisa Love and I again, this time out in the open like wild beasts. She knows I like it rough, and with her hand on my head takin' the wheel, got me fuckin' hot!
Workin The Pole
I gotta' work this pole for ya'll guyz before Lisa Love gets in. We're gonna have a whole lotta' fun, and guess what, it'll be on here, haha.
Leopard Couch
I gotta' tell Lisa Love about this leopard couch, we gotta' have fun on this o' couch a lil' later, yeaaah!
Rock Climbing
Ok. Ok. I'm not going to rock climb, but I'll tell you something that does rock...ME!
Camping With Carmen
Carmen and me had an awesome and hot time camping out together. Surprisingly we both had enough room in the tent to mess around and have some good ol' naked girl friend fun...this didn't involve our sexy lil' outfits by the way.
In Nataliaz Bedroom
So lucky lil' me gets to spend some time in Nataliaz' bedroom, and you know I had me some some. She sure was fun to roll around the bed with.
Valentines Surprise
I'm not gonna' mention any names, but I will tell ya'll this. One of the members of Camp Cutie sent me a Valentine's Day surprise. A box for chocolates filled with some of my favorite chocolates and a bad ass teddy I sleep with every night! I named him Fluffer, haha!
I Love This Toy
It's true, I really love this toy, I just don't know what to name it. Do you have any ideas? I'm thinking about something brutal and hardcore soundin' though, so when I'm about to climax, I can scream it out, yeah!
Bath Time
What's up ya'll? I'm feeling really dirty and I need a bath, haha. I'm just getting ready for this local metal show with some of my favorite bands playing. It's going to be so cool. I just need to shower and shave my legs for they can look silky smooth for the boys at the show. See you there hopefully.

Kylee Karr Wallpaper

Kylee Karr's Diary

I(have a nice)Rack (pronounced "Iraq")
first of all, that's really funny and creative: Iraq... I-rack... I (have a really nice) Rack.

Secondly what's up with this commission report thingie? if you woke up early and got in a time machine and went from the day we attacked Iraq forward in time to today - wouldn't this whole thing sound preposterous? (did i spell that big word right? ooof) I mean, look... we went to a country and destroyed their government because they were supposed to have had WMD to kill all of us, like the 911 attack times a million, right? but there were no WMD, which means were went over there for NO reason at all. now fast forward in your time machine to today... and we are making it sound like the Iraqis are retards who can't take over their own government and it's all their fault for the mess over there, not ours.

um... boyz, NOBODY could take care of the mess over there.

and soldiers... i love you guys and gals... i'm just mad at the president for fucking everything up so roally.

damn, i should go dress up and take pictures and play with my toys and get my mind off this fucking annoying bullSHIT. >.<
Lil Madison 4 x-Mas!
Look how cute lil madison looks up there in the new x-mas banner i just set up!!! she looks like a sexy lil marshmallow and i want to MUNCH her up!
It's Sexy Time
What should I do? I think I have a major bigtime crush on BORAT!?!?!?! I want to give him entrance to my "vagein"!!!1 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously though, did you see the size of the blackout they had to put over his cock? That thing was halfway down his thigh!!! Gimmie some of that! Plus he is so reckless and funny!!!!

Maybe i can send him pics of me and he'll chase me accross the country??? should i?
Time To Vote!!!
Hi boyz and girlz!!! GO VOTE NOW!!! Remember that, although Republicans SECRETLY are extreme perverts, generally speaking Democrats are MUCH more friendly to the Porn industry as a whole. So if you enjoy your porn, and you want to be nice to girl's like me who make a living in it - - - vote appropriately, K?

xoxoxo kisses xoxoxo

Oh, yeah... if you live in Los Angeles, you MUST certainly vote AGAINST Sanchez - she wants to shut porn down, plain and simple. vote AGAINST Sanchez.

bye for now!
Turkey's and Pumpkins
Isn't the new thanksgivingish banner mega cute!!!???
OMG Europe!
Oh my pussy is sooooooooooooooooooooo happy! My trip through europe with my favorite band was so delicious. It's my private time, though - so FAH, you get NO PICTURES!!!! na na naaaaaa!

But now I AM back behind the "webmistress"-ness of my favorite site - so I am bringing you a bunch of awesome pics of me licking and sucking and fucking my favorite new girlfriend Lisa Lova. God, I love that cunt! ;)
Kim Jong Ill - Lick Me!
I know how we can solve the problem with North Korea. I am a patriot and willing to sacrifice my (fucking amazingly hot) pussy for the greater good of our sacred nation. So, herez the plan... Georgie Bushie needs to send me over to Kim Jong Ill naked, with a note taped to my (fucking amazingly awesome) tits: "from America, with love" (did James Bond already do something like that???).

I mean look at the guy! Give him a little of this primo poontang and that little nerd will totally transform. He'll stop being so uptight when i start taking care of him everynight! He'll stop doing bad stuff - other countries will get rid of all their embargos or whatever, and the people of North Korea will live happily ever after.

All because of Kylee Karr's amazing pussy sacrifice.

I'd do it.
I'm excited!!! this is my first trip there!!!!! I'm gonna be a totally groupie, cuz I got a way to travel along with my fave underground metal/hardcore band FOR FREE!!!!!! ;) ;) ;)

oh god, my undies are so wet, i should wear a pad!


i'm leaving in a week! Italy, get ready for me. Sweeden tooooo! woooooohooooooo
Perverted Politicians
OK, so what the fuck is up with conservative perverts? Actually i don't even like to use the word "pervert" for this stuff - because i LOVE that word. What's up with that old man, Foley, trying to have a cyber Mbate sessh with a 16 year old boy who is just trying to intern in white house politics???

Seriously, i'm being dead serious here for a sex (um... i mean sec.), people like us, like camp cutie and all my girlfriends, we are the GOOD people. You know why? Cuz we are open and POSITIVE about our sexuality. All these conservatives and such peeps like that, they feel guilty about their sexual desires. They consider sex to be "bad" - and that's why they have no healthy, fun outlet for their sex drives... all they have open to them are 'bad' feelings, which find homes in REALLY bad ways.

God, i'd rather be a stripper or a "porn star" anyday than a fucked up congressman who tryies to eek and e-Handjob out of a 16 year old intern.
Try On Room Sex!
I have the BEST news for you ever!!! So... OK, I'm on a roadtrip, right? I won't tell you the town, cuz i need to protect the innocent and all, y'know? ;o) hahahahahaha. ...I picked up that smiley style from Chelsey ;)... anyway, my AWESOME story: So I go shopping in a lingerie store in a mall. Middle of the day. Won't tell you what store. Anyway, this REALLY horny hardcore/punk looking chick is comes over to me when I am looking at some stuff. Tatoos everywhere and all. She says, "I'd really love to see you try that on." Her smile was infectious and she was standing so close to me, so I said, "OK, ma'am" being really polite, but funny and sexy (of course ;o)

OK, so we go to the tryon rooms and she COMES IN with me and stands next to the mirror with her hand on her chin and a GIANT smile on her face. I feel a little self-conscious (imagine THAT! hahahaha) but I get naked!!!!!!! and try on the red and black AWESOMEness of lingerie. OH, her left hand was on her pussy the whole time... rubbing it slowly.

"You look GREAT in that. You should buy it."

"OK ma'am" I said.

HOW GREAT IS THAT??? I just got back in my clothes, we walked out of the booth and over to the cash register and I paid for my stuff. I was hoping that she would put her phone number in the bag or something =(. HOW LONG SHOULD I WAIT BEFORE I GO BACK TO THAT STORE???? WHAT SHOULD I DO????
Carma Cain
GUESS WHAT???????? I am getting ready to add a brand new cutie to the camp site!!!! ;-) Her name is Carma Cain... she's a really good fuck!!! Trust me ;) i'm hoping to have her up here on the site for ya this weekend!!!!
OMG!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited and happy!!! I got a puppy last night! The first time in my life!!!! It's a Chow and he looks like a Lion!!!!!! No time to type, I have to go play with him NOOOOOOOOOOW! =)
Cool Beach Campgrounds
Hi all!!! So we found an amazing beach campground that I hope to take some of our cuties out to and take lots of seckshi pics for you all, reallllllly soooooon.

Meanwhile, you are sooon gonna be creaming your twinkies over my new pinkie-sister - - - she's like my little twin and we are the BEST of friends!!! ;)

Proof sooon!!!!! keep your pants on till then! hahahaha. xoxo, Kylee
Lookin' and Listnin'
Hi guys and gals! i'm out on an awesome drive today - gonna go CAMPING!!!! how cute, right? anywaaayyyyy- just checkn out a new camp spot we've never been to yet it if rulez i'll take some of the girrls out and do some photos for you! listening to some awesome music on the ride, awesome new discography of my favorite band!
Hi boys and (i hope) girls!!!! So... HOW DO YOU LOVE MY SITE!?!?!?!? Isn't it great? It rules the world, actually. ;) See this little camp of ours is just so dawggone sexy that I just had to share it with the world - sooooooooo I went to the techie geekie bookstore (omg, but there was the hottest punker looking girl working there) and I asked the girl how to learn how to make a porn site! hehehehehehehe. She was so into it!!! She showed me all her books and gave me her phone number too. Anyway, I've been so busy learning everything (and my other friend's helped out, too - thanks Kelly!!! <3) that I haven't called her up yet. In fact, I think I'm gonna do that right now! =) Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite Nite, enjoy the site!!! muah xoxoxoxoxox!

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