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Kuddly Kristina

Last Online: Sun, Feb 18th
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Goin' Clubbin'
I'm just about ready to go clubbin' with the girls and after a lil' bit of posing for the camera, it got really heated. I stripped away my mini-skirt and my top and cooled down. Time to go PARTAY with the girlies.
Neon Green
I just got home from a rave party and it was fun! I glow in the dark, haha. Ya'll can't wait for tomorrow's party either, I reckon that's gonna' be fun too. Do I look hot?
I'mma pirate, AARRGGHH. LOL, I just got invited to this dress up party and it's gonna' be chill. I just need someone to walk the plank with me. Gimmie a ship mate. LOL

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