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In The Window
That's right boyz! In my room and undressing in front of the window. I hope ya'll have some binoculars to get a closer look... if not check out my hi rez photos. I'm sure you can get a real close look.
Red and White Bikini
Bikini's are sure hella' fun and sexy! But what's even more sexy is when it's off my slender body. I bet ya'll like it when my ass is up in the air like that.
Seniors 2006
Seniors 2006 baby! Ya'll know I was a former cheerleader? Good times... no hot times in high school. Wish I could go back and fuck the whole football team ;)
At The Lake
Summer is gone... and I'm still hot. Come down by Camp Cutie lake and I'll give ya'll a lil' strip tease. I need me some viewers... I love to be watched.
Tickets Please
If ya'll wanna' get in, ya'll gonna' have to come through me... with a ticket of course. Or we can handle something in the bushes... what!?!? I just want some extra money... and I might be generous too ;)
Blow Up Pool
So, it was really hot today so I decided to "blow" up my lil' pool. Blowing up the pool sure got me thinkin' about other thangs. I need someone to come join me, ya'll know it summer and it's hot. Princess Presley might even show up.
Night Train
At the end of town there is a night train, full of beautiful Southern Girls... and did I mention, ya'll are invited. 1 rule only, MUST BE NEKKID!
Layin' Out
Layin' out is so much fun on a not so exciting day... it's been hot out ya'll! And out on the patio, you can say things got really hot.
Water Hose
Ya'll thristy even to drink from my water hose? How about drinking the water that's sliding all down my body. I think it's time for something else to get a lil' wet.
In The Shade
Hey ya'll. Heidi Stone's my name and don't forget that, shoot. Ya'll be seeing me plenty, and I'll be showing ya'll plenty! Check out my rack, I got a nice one.

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