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Chelsey Smiles in da haaaaaaaaaaauze!

On July 18th I eat lots of cake. I'm a Cancer and that always bothered me, because I'm no disease!!! I wish I waited a little longer and was a lion ;o)

I'm 5'2", with a 26" waist and 34 A chest.

I love red, maybe that's why strawberries are my favorite munchie?

I love to dance. No, I'm not talking about stripping, you pervy... but I'm not talking about ballet either! :o)

Chelsey Smiles's Photos

Goth Ballerina
I remember when I was a lil' girl with many dreams...and one of them was to be a ballerina. Then I thought I'd about it, and it's time to make my dream come true! But there is a twist...I'mma naughty one, hehe.
Black And White
So, who is gonna' come out with us and the girls tonight? We're gonna' play dress up and have slumber parTAY, woohooooO!
Polka Dots
I'm seein' polka dots! Yikes!! I think I need to lie down and relax for a good minute...or two. Now I gotta' disrobe, LOL.
Denim and Roses
That's right, I'm delicate like a flower. So, who is going to send me some roses? I love flowers!!
Lime Green
Two words, SLUMBER PARTAY!! I bought some cute pj's for the sleep over with the girls. It's gonna' be so fun to talk about the hot boys around camp and playing naughty games :).
Workout Suit
Lil' Zoe is a wreckin' ball. We went to go workout and boy o' boy did she worked me out good. I'm just here getting my workout suit off, it's hot now!
Slumber Land
I just got back from a light jog and I'm ready for a nap. But before I nap, I gotta' take care of a few urges hehe. Now don't have any wondering eyes, I'm shy.
Camp Office
I'm a little nervous 'cause I had to meet up with the camp counselor today. I wonder what they're going to make me do today...hmmmm. Take a look and find out.
Cleaning The Bathtub
I hate the taking a shower in a dirty tub, yucky! I just like to get dirty inside of it, and clean myself after of course. Guess what? I have a few friends with me, ducky #1, ducky #2, and ducky #3, and they were so cute!
Furry Carpet
I love how fur rugs feel all over my body. It feels so good on your skin that you just wanna' lay there and think of naughty things to get yourself off to. I would tell you what I was thinking about, but Southern gals don't share their secrets.
Corn Field
Hey ya'!! My names Chelsey Smiles. Today I went over to the cornfields by the camp looking for something adventurous to do. So I found a nice spot and stripped away my clothes and played with myself for a while, but shhhHH, I don't reckon that ever happened because that place is off limits.

Chelsey Smiles Wallpaper

Chelsey Smiles's Diary

what to do with my time off?!
So I have some time off this week, but all my other friends are working, figures! Then as I was walking around town yesterday I had to hide cos I accidentally ran into someone I really didn't want to see!!! EEEK!!! and my super-cute friend made me dinner last night. She's always so nice and silly with me ;) I love being loved :o)
me at a punk show?! WHAT?! :o)
so last friday i run into an old friend from hs. used to have a big crush on him but my 'come hither' :o) looks never got more than a "let's be friends" response from him. *note to self work on those 'come hither' looks* and he convinces me to go out with him to a punk show!!! OMG! me at a punk show! :) but i'm always up for an adventure! everyone was sooo super nice and smiley and the
guitarist of the headlining band was super cute. :o) i can't promise i'll be going to lots of punk shows from now on, but i had sooo much fun!!! yeay for old friends even ones who didn't return my crushes. I WANT MORE ADVENTURES!
sick :(
i had a cold for like almost the entire past week... well not the entire time, but then it got worse and i was all sicky and i wanted bowls of soup and fun movies, and everyone to take care of me :)... not *everyone* did, but a few friends did help out so yeay to them :o) and now i'm all healthy for this weekend and the weather is yucky!!! but i'll make it FUN!!! :)
i never do things on time :(
i've let too many days go by since my last entry, :( and so much has happened!!! :) i think i'll talk about dancing again since i had the BEST time last weekend!!! went to a super-fun party in the city and danced for aaages, exactly what i needed! :) lots of boys (BOYS WERE DANCING!!!) and girls winking and smiling at me and some even came up to give me compliments ;) now i have to see what's in store for this weekend... any ideas? :P
I want a boy who can dance!!! NOW!
Haven't written in a while. :( Went out with some friends last night. Club to club till we found the right dj and then we danced for hours. Some guys came up to me, but they didn't seem very interested in the dancing. Still looking for a guy that can dance... Where are you?!?! :) hehe. I'm not giving up the search though till I find you/him, so watch out! :P
Lets see, what can I talk about, I like techno so I'm really looking forward to meltdown this year! It's a huge rave that they have every year at my favorite club. But there arent really any good DJs playin this year (Rabbit in the Moon, WTF!!) Oh well I'm gonna have fun anyway! but dont worry I'm just gonna say NO to drugs...that aren't free lol!

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