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80s Elevator
80's Elevator. Hmmm, things can get a lil' naughty in here. I'm just out with the girls and I lost my way :(. I reached the elevator, but it got stuck! What am I ta' do?
Lets Go To The Movies
Let's go to the movies! There is this cute flick in the theaters right now, and I wanna' go! I'll bring the popcorn ;)
Flag! Penalty on #69 on the pink team, LOL. Today it looks like imma' have to get the bad referee that makes all the wrong calls, but makes all the right moves.
It's been a great while since I been to the tanning salon. Did I tell ya'll boyz that I tan in the buff? If someone was there with me, they could have rubbed the oils on for me, but I took care of that ya'll.
November Nudity
Who is that girl in the photos with me?? oOO, it's our hot makeup artist feelin' me up. It actually feel really good. My nipples are very sensitive these days.
Go Go Dancer
I've been a naughty gal. Texxx came over today and we, ummm, fooled around for a bit ya'll can say. He split my legs up pretty good too.
Black Couch
Sitting in the Camp Cutie office with notta' thang ta' do. So I sit on my big black couch for a bit looking sexy right guyz? And I take off my clothes...the day has gotten a lil' more interesting now.
Pink Hotpants
A lil' bit of fun in the sun. I really love these pink hotpants, what ya'll think? What?!?! Take them off? Ya'll know what you want, hehe.
Black N Red
Check me out looking all punky like in my hot lil' black and red outfit. Boy, so many strings to untie just to get this hot outfit off...think ya'll can help me with that?
Mountain Biking
Man! I can really work up a sweat mounatin biking! Feels good to get out of this sweaty lil' suit and let cold water just drip on my bare ass.
Skinny Dippin
Summer times coming, so that means getting to work on my tan at the pool. Yaye! No tan lines for me tho...it's all about an even tan. Say goodbye to clothes.
Smokin in the Office
Even though there's much naughtier things I can think of to do in the office, for now I'll just have a smoke. Hmmm...on the desk or on the floor.
Teddy Bear
I love how beds have that super comfy feeling. Especially mine...with my teddy. He watches me when I'm entertaining myself. LOL. Did you know I love to be watched...
Lets Fuck
Who says chairs are just for sitting? When I see a chair, I'm thinkg to myself..."Chairs are fun to fuck on!" You can pull so many position on a chair...and I love switching up the positions!
Swingin on the Porch
I love when you get home to an empty house and can walk outside on your porch naked without a care in the world. Or maybe do a bit more than just walk around naked...what else should I do?
Camping With Carmen
Carmen and me had an awesome and hot time camping out together. Surprisingly we both had enough room in the tent to mess around and have some good ol' naked girl friend fun...this didn't involve our sexy lil' outfits by the way.

Carma Cain's Videos

Kylee And Carma Campin' Out
Campin' is so much fun, shoot! I took Carma out for a lil' and you can say things got a lil' out of hand, haha. And boy, did I lick the shit out of her pussy!
Carma and Curtis
I just got back from a party and hottie boy Curtis was there waiting for me, or did I bring hiim home with me? Haha, he kinda' surprised me when he fingered my pussy and ass at the same time though.
Carma Tease
Take a load off and watch me give you a lil' strip tease. What, what? Okay, I am a bit of a tease, but put a few drinks in me, and then we're talkin'.

Carma Cain Wallpaper

Carma Cain's Diary

What a DAY!!
Hi guys =) Hope everybody's Friday nite was really hott...end of the working weeekkkkk and now 2 nites of fun and dancing and partiesssss!!! Can't beat the feeling of two dayz of freedom from ya daily routine right!!!!?

I celebrated the end of the busy week today by getting a massage....the Brazillian beauty who worked at the spa made sure to be real gentle and to apply pressure.....in ALL the right spots...ehehekekekheh......she maybe even heard me moan and sigh a few times....feelin her perfect breasts lightly touch the small of my back as she leaned over me almost sent me flying!! she was lovin' it and so waz I...hehehe. You should treat yourselves to a massage..don't know if you'll get SUCH a hottie as a massoos though, I am a lucky girl hehe<3

Well....I just got out of the tubby and got in my silky undiez for bed....I soaked in there all by my lonesome. Maybe one of you could keep me company for my next tubby? ;)

Do a shot for me this weekend guyz. Dance and have fun and be safe!!leave me some luvvvvvv <333
So Excited!!!
Guuuuuuuuuuyzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! I am so excited that my page is up!!! I wanna give a big *hug* to Kylee and all the sexy cuties at the camp. I feel like a big perverted Girl Scout or something!!!!!!!!! ;)

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