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I'm Amy Diaz!

On April 13th God broke the mold. So I'm Aries and I'm baaaaad luck;)

I'm 5'4", and my hot tits are 34 D. My Waist? 28

Yellow rules, so does Ice Cream

I am awesome, that's all you need to know. I love sex, and think it should be a lot of fun. Especially BJs! I'm quite good at those.

Amy Diaz's Photos

Camp Cutie Office Nudie
Camp Cutie office didn't intimidate me. I went in there expecting it...show a lil' this, a lil' that, rub my clit, spread my ass, LOL. Ya'll was fun :).
Sexy in the Bathroom
I'mma getting ready for slumber land! But I feel so fuckin' horny! Nothing like playin' in the bathroom before a good night's rest.
Little Black Dress
Do ya'll like my lil' black dress. I hope you do cuz' I wore it just for you guyz, LOL. Okay, that's enough, I'mma take it off!
Bedside Chat
Bedside talk is fun and all, but I love when I get tossed all over my bed instead. Forget the talking...more action for me!
Green Sweatpants
Check me out in my easy slip off green sweat pants. You know what they say about green right? It means horny...and I'm feeling a bit like slipping these green sweat pants off now and having some fun.
Shower Time
I guess it's not really shower time for me since baby oil doesn't really help get me un-dirty. LOL. But I like bein' a dirty girl...I love to rub my body with baby oil. My hands slide right over my tits. Feels so fukin' good.
So, you're probably wondering if I play as good as I look? Who cares! When you look this hot, I don't think anyone worries about how good you play...speaking of hot, I think I'll strip down and cool off.
Our Cornfield
Daddy would never let me pick corn out like this...but daddy ain't here now is he. The thought of giving a blow job in these empty fields gets me all hot.
Yee' Haw! Today was freakin' awesome because I looked hot. I had these guns, but they didn't have any bullets in them, and I hate when guns shoot blanks. Where is my cowboy?
Window Sills
Feeling a lil' horny today, and did I mention my windows are open too! So why don't you come in so we can have some fun, but I can't promise you anything. How about you look and touch me, because I know you want to.
I scream, you scream, you all scream for me, hehe ;). I never knew how much I loved ice cream before today, although I did get a lil' dirty!! But there's nothing wrong with getting a lil' dirty, right?

Amy Diaz Wallpaper

Amy Diaz's Diary

Bush Whacked
So, the Democrats kicked Bush's ass in the elections last week. I think that's a good thing, cuz it showed Mr. Man how tired we all are of this Iraq war. How many billions of tax dollars have been spent over there so far? And for what, please remind me? Wouldn't that money be better spent putting a dude on Mars or something?

Anyway, I was so happy the night of the election that I went and got drunk, and I met this hottie who was still wearing his cute little "I Voted" sticker. "Did you vote Democrat?!" I shouted at him. He hesiatated before answering, like maybe he was scared I was going to kick his ass if he gave the wrong answer. "Um, yeah, I did," he finally admitted. "Man," I said, "I'm gonna suck your dick!!" And I grabbed him by the hand and led him into the boys bathroom, where I did just that. His cum tasted really good, and it got me wondering... does the sperm of Republicans taste different than the jizz of Democrats? Any girls out there wanna comment? (I can't cuz I've never tasted a Republican's semen, hahaha.)

Hey gang, it's that time of the year again. Time to ROCK THE MOTHERFUCKIN VOTE! Personally, I think the government has been screwing up big time, so I'm gonna vote all of George Bush's little congressional kiss-ass buddies out of office. They may think Iraq is all cool and we're winning the war and all that shit, but I think it's nothing but a big stinking mess. Out with the old, in with the new, I say. If you guys help me out with this, I'll post some new hot pics of me naked. Whaddya say to that?? It's sure better than some "I Voted" sticker from one of those old ladies at the polling place!
Hey, sorry I haven't posted in a couple weeks. One of my sugar daddies took me on a trip to Amsterdam. (Okay, so maybe 33 doesn't qualify him as a daddy exactly.) Anyhoo, yeah, if you've never been to Amsterdam, it's kinda hard to describe. Or maybe that's just because I was stoned the entire time! Oops, did I say that? My favorite "brand" was the white widow, man that stuff packed quite a punch. I'm gettin buzzed just thinking bout it! I know what you're gonna ask now. Did I visit any of the beautiful hookers in the red light zone? Hell yeah!! I had a Russian girl, a Moroccan, a Greek (who didn't do Greek)... and that was just the first day! The highlight of the trip was something called the McKracken or something like that at McDonalds. It was deep fried, green gook that's the most delicious thing you've ever tasted when you're baked. Oh well, I gotta go take a nap, I still haven't recovered from the jet lag. Lates!
Do You Like My Feet?
My latest photo set has a lot of shots of my bare feet. I did this because some of you have been emailing me, requesting that. So what I want to know is... do I have nice feet? Do you want to suck my toes? What is it about feet that turns some of you guys on, anyway? I remember I had one boyfriend who would spend hours, yes HOURS sucking on my toes. At first I thought it was weird, I would just watch TV while he was doing it. But then the feeling of his tongue slithering between my toes started to get to me. I realized how much when I looked down and there was a big wet stain in my panties! Luckily, he ate pussy even better!!!
I could tell you. But then I?d have to kill you. (hee hee, JK) Anyways, Camp Cutie is a real place. And it?s also a state of mind. The real place is a campground owned by Kyle Maddox. It?s hidden in the woods in the deep say-outh, so it?s super private. We get together a couple times a month to paint each other?s toenails, pose for pictures, shoot videos, eat marshmallows, fuck each other?s brains out? you know, just the normal everyday stuff you do at camps. But Camp Cutie is also a state of mind. Cuz even when we?re apart, we?re together. Me and the other Camp Cutie girls are constantly talking to each other on our cell phones, web cams, blackberries, and most importantly THIS WEB SITE! Welcome to the world?s first virtual campsite. Like myspace, but a lot more fun! And just cuz you can?t visit the physical Camp Cutie doesn?t mean you can?t hang out with all of us girls here at Camp Cutie. We?re all one big group of happy (and horny) campers! When y?all post messages on the bulletin board, I feel like we?re all sitting around a big bonfire together, blabbing away. In fact, sometimes I wish I could reach out and take a bite of that big marshmallow you just toasted for me. I love that sweet, gooey white inside and how it looks dripping off my lips? Damn, I?ve gone and turned myself on! I?m gonna have to go play with my rabbit. Catch ya later, fellow campers!
I hope you all enjoy the Soccer photoset. I played soccer in junior high. I was pretty good too, if I do say so. The only thing I didn?t like was all the dikey girls who started to hit on me after my chi chis started to develop. Don?t get me wrong, I love girl-on-girl action. But only if they are hot girls!!! If you can?t tell if someone is a boy or a girl from behind, then no thanks. PS, if you?re a hot girl, feel free to email me some photos of yourself. Maybe I?ll bring you as my date next time we meet at Camp Cutie!
I just shot the new Popsicle photoset last week. At first the cold drippings of the popsicle shocked me. But after I got used to it, it started to feel erotic. Or maybe sucking on it just got me so wet and horny that I stopped noticing how cold it was! Although, in real life, I like the things I suck to be a lot bigger than that popsicle. No, I?m not a size queen. I just like the look and the feeling of something that has a decent length and more importantly, THICKness. I think I?m like most girls in that way, don?t you?
Crazy Week
Hey guys,
I went to this myspace party and I saw 2 of my ex boyfriends, but I looked hot so in a way I was kinda glad for them to see me:) This girl tried to fight my friend too, how ghetto!! Oh, but I won the hot body contest!!! $500!!! Hell Yeah!!!!
For my first blog, I guess I should tell you all a little about me. First of all, I?m full-blooded Mexican. Viva La Raza! My parents came over the border when my mom was pregnant with me. They settled just outside Phoenix Arizona, which is where I was born. My parents are both hard workers and they got naturalized, so yes we?re all citizens smarty pants. This being America the Great, I grew up with the dream of wanting to be in Playboy magazine. The day I turned 18 I went to a local strip club for their amateur night. Guess what? The crowd loved me! Gee, I wonder if it had anything to do with my chi chis? (That?s Espanol for breastases). Anyway, I?ve kind of outgrown Playboy. The internet?s where it?s at these days. I love the instant gratification of having guys post how hot I am (hint, hint guys). When I?m not basking in the glorious Arizona sun, I like to swim, rollerblade, and of course fuck. More about that later?!

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