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Alexis Micino Wants You!

April 20th is when I'll expect a cake from ya. That makes me a Taurus, look it up ;)

I'm 5'3", 34 C.

Sky Blue is such a pleasing color to me. If I was eating cookie cakes while sitting outside under the clear blue sky, I might be in heaven!

My pussy is so good, if you threw it up in the air it would turn into sushine!!!

Alexis Micino's Photos

Baby Oil Shower
I love the feeling of baby oil all over my body. It felt so smooth when I was rubbin' it. Take a look and tell me how smooth it looks.
Fun in the Kitchen
Does it look like I'm havin' fun in the kitchen? Well, I was hungry and went for a midnight snack, but found my way on top of the counter taking off all of my clothes, whoa, that was weird of me to do, hehe.
My Lil Toy
My lil' toy felt kinda weird, but it was still pretty fun to experience somethang new. Although I didn't tell the guy's how good it felt when I put it at a higher speed. Our lil' secret ;)
Kyle and Alexis
Kyle looks so hot with his hat on. I told him to leave it on while he fucks the shit out of me. Did I say that out loud? Whoa, what on earth got into me...oOoo, Kyle's dick, LOL.
Alexis and Adrianna and Feet
Today I hung out with Adrianna, this hot girlie girl with some soft breasts. She had very nice feet too, and rubbing them really got me goin'.
In A Pickle
I love pickles! But I like sweet stuff way more than I like sour stuff...and I'mma going to make this pickle sweet by rubbing it on my sweet lil' pussy.
In My Bedroom
In my bedroom I play with all sorts of things...my stuffed animals, my cute puppy dog, and my cute lil' dildo. I think the dildos my favorite so far.
Itz Fun 2 B Slutty
Damn I love playing with my cute lil' pussy. This cute lil' pussy needs to practice safe sex, even with my toy! LOL. MMMmmm...my pussy tastes sweet.
I feel sooo dirty...wanna' help me get wet? I meant taking a bath! I love that smooth feeling of a freshly shaved pussy. Look how cute it looks!
Naughty Girl
I was feeling a lil' naughty today (everyday actually, LOL). I had this old Naughty University 69 see-through shirt hanging in my closet, so I got the camera and took some photos for you boyz.
Punk Angel
Wow, today's shoot was sooo awesome. I got to dress up as this punk angel, and I felt like a bad ass! We had a busy day, it took forever to get to the place, but it was worth it because the pix were hot!
Sex Kitten
It was so hot today! I had to dress up as a lil' kitten, and the hot California sun was beating down on me. At least I had a cute outfit on, but that didn't last very long. LOL.

Alexis Micino's Videos

Alexis Fan Mail
It's so much fun around here ya'll. What kind of naughty things do ya'll have to say? Well I sure do have some naughty things for ya'll to see.
Alexis And Adrianna
Adrianna and I are just talking about what happened last weekend, and boy does she look cute, and boy did we have our lil' fun. I showed her my new piercing, you guyz like it?
I just love interviews, don't you? Take a look at mine and tell me if you like interviews now. I did a little bit of booty showing and was getting ready for my "Horny In The Shower Scene".
Alexis Rides
Sybian, humph. To me it felt very different to say the least. It kinda' tickled, LOL, but it still felt very strange. I don't know, maybe I like the real thing, you tell me?
Alexis Strips
Here is a hot strip tease for ya'll. I hope you boyz enough it, becuz' I got really hot doing it. A few times I made my finger disappear too, do you know where?
Alexis Showers
Playin' in the shower is fun! Especially when you're a dirty girl like me, LOL. Well, I got really wet in that shower, and the water wasn't even on. I wonder how I got all wet ;).

Alexis Micino Wallpaper

Alexis Micino's Diary

Florida Trip
Hey guys, just got back from Florida, IT IS SOO BAD ASS!!! I spent most of my time in Miami, IT IS SOOO HUMID!, I think You get more drunk when its humid, does that sound right. I have been drunker there than enywhere ever. Oh and the girls are lie proffessional hot, I think I might move there. Anyone Live in Miami I might need a place to crash next time! LOL

Hugs and Smooooches to all my boys,
I just had Twins!!!!!
Yep thats right, I've just had twins LOL! I got boobs, I havent named them yat so maybe you can help me. Anyway until next time Lata Bitches!!!

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